Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business.  As a business owner, I take this seriously.  In terms of growth, I am consistently challenged with investing in and growing my business.  Here are five areas, business owners should focus on when reinvesting in their companies.

Business Improvements: At the onset, as a start-up, most businesses reinvest their profits back into their businesses.  Funds are used for equipment, building the infrastructure, streamlining business processes, or finding ways to improve the customer’s experience. It’s always a good idea to stay on top of your business improvements.

Teams: Your business is only as good as your teams.  Investing in team training, will streamline your business, improve customer service and productivity, and create a company culture that will attract like-minded workers.  Investing in your employees early on helps reduce turnover and reduces financial loss due to low retention.

SEO and Marketing: Business owners can limit their B2B relationships because of no web presence. If done correctly, investing in a website and digital marketing is always a great investment.  It presents your business in a professional light, sets your product or service apart from its competition, and creates awareness for your products or services.

Coaching: Be mindful of your skill set.  Invest in your own learning.  Identify areas where you, as a business owner, need improvement.  For example, the business owner who decides to scale up from solopreneur to entrepreneur may be great with their products and services, but requires a class on how to manage a team.

Create Cash Buffer:  While reinvesting in your business is necessary, make sure there is a cash reserve to handle unexpected issues that may arise. While your business insurance policies will cover the disasters and catastrophes, it’s always advisable to have liquidity available for when you really need it.

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